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Clean the Dirt Inside of CO2 Laser Tube

Issuing time:2018-04-28 14:21

After working for some time,there will be a large amount of dirt(such as the impurities in cooling water,dust,or microorganism) adhere to the inner wall of co2 laser tube.The dirt that adhere to the inner wall prevents the water coolant taking away the heat from the tube,so that the power will be lower,and beam quality will not be good enough.Or worse,the laser tube will breaking totally because of the heat.

Based on this,we suggest you using a chiller,and doing regular scheduled maintenance according to the following instruction :

Every month: check coolant level of the chiller

Every three months:change the water,and examine the condenser condition

Every Six Months:install new deionized filter and cooling water filter.Clean the dust and remove the sundries on the power supply,laser tube and the chiller.

If the glass tube inner wall is contaminated already,please clean it according to the following instructions:

1、Disconnect the anode and cathode wires and the water inlet and outlet of the co2 laser tube,at the condition that the power if off.

2、Make all the water out,then stick adhesive tapes on the laser outlet end,make sure the outlet window will not be contaminated at all when the tube is cleaned.

3、Mix the hydrofluoric acid solution according to this ratio 1:1000( hydrofluoric acid:water).Input it into the water inlet of the laser tube,until it’s full.

4、the table and wait for 30 minutes,then shake it smoothly,and make liquid out of the tube.

5、Make the tube empty,and wash it with a lot of water,in case the   hydrofluoric acid solution residue corrodes the glass. After this,if there still is some dirty adhering to the tube,repeat step 4 and 5. Keep in mind: the solution can not stay in the glass tube longer than 30 minutes,wash it as soon as the HF solution out.

6、Clean the water on the tube,the laser outlet,and the high voltage end with absorbent material.Pay attend for the electrode.

7、Take the adhesive tape away from the laser outlet window,make sure the mirror is not contaminated,or you can make the window covered,then install the laser tube on the machine according to installing instruction.

PS:HF liquid is corrosive somehow,so please operating according to the instruction carefully. The laser tube is a kind of precision component,and made of glass,so can not be immersed in the HF liquid.

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